mobile questions84444 Frequently Asked Questions

What is 84444.ca?
84444.ca is a do-it-yourself text message marketing solution that offers both interactive and broadcast text message marketing. Users can be up and running within minutes.

Who uses 84444.ca?
84444.ca has a wide variety of users. Some of the largest users of our mobile marketing services are advertising agencies and radio stations. There are also a lot of auto dealers, nightclubs, retailers, schools and universities, and newspapers. The most common applications are sweepstakes, coupons, and mobile alerts.

How can I learn more about the mobile marketing industry?
We recommend the Text Message Blog that reports on the mobile marketing industry.  We also write a blog on the 84444.ca site.  And, there is a series of mobile marketing press releases on the site as well.

What must I include in my advertising?

"Standard message and data rates may apply" should be included in all advertisements for your interactive mobile marketing in Canada.

I don't see a package that exactly suits my needs.  Do you offer any other size packages?
Yes, of course.  The packages on the site are traditionally the ones that most customers decide to purchase.  Our sales department is happy to customize a package for your specific needs.  Just contact us by sending an email to sales@advancedtele.com or calling us at 416-800-2490.

I like your service, but I found something cheaper on another site.  Will you match the price?
Our bulk purchasing of sms messages from the carriers gives us some of the cheapest prices for text message marketing in the industry.  If you see a cheaper price, however, we will match it to earn your business.  Just give us a call at  416-800-2490 or use the LIVE HELP button and we can discuss the details.

Do you offer QR Codes?
Yes, QR Codes can be incorporated into your text message plan at 84444.ca or used as a stand-alone service.  For more information, contact our sales team at sales@advancedtele.com or phone 416-800-2490.

What is the difference between interactive and broadcast text messaging?
Interactive programs involve sending a keyword to the short code 84444 and getting a response message back immediately. Broadcast programs involve your sending a simultaneous text message to a large database of opt-in users.

 What is a short code?
A short code is a promotional, usually five-digit number, that acts as the cell phone number. A short code is established for promotional text messaging.  Sending promotional or advertising messages from anything but a short code can be seen as spam by the carriers and could result in penalties.

Can I get my own short code and what is a shared short code?
Yes, you could get your own short code, but they are quite expensive. The cost for a standard short code is $350 to $500 per month. In addition, there is an initial investment of $3500 for the establishment of a short code.  These are not our costs, but are simply pass through costs from the carriers.  The technology behind 84444.ca can support other short codes, but most people opt to use the shared short code technology.

What is a vanity short code?
A vanity short code is a more memorable number; 84444 is a vanity short code, because it’s so easy to remember.  If you are using broadcasting for your mobile marketing, a vanity short code is critical, because your message must be retained by the listener in a short commercial message.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to a shared short code?
The major advantage of a shared short code is clearly cost. 84444.ca has already paid for all the start-up and monthly costs for the shared short code and other organizations also use the same short code. The only potential disadvantage is that no two users can use the same keyword.

What is a keyword?
A keyword is the word that is sent via text message to 84444 that identifies your service. For example, text RESULTS to 84444.  Keywords are not case-sensitive; therefore it doesn't matter if you capitalize some, all or none of the letters of the keyword.  When advertising a keyword, we recommend capitalizing the keyword in your advertisement so that it stands out from the rest of the message.  

Who owns the keyword?
You can use the keyword for as long as you continue to pay for the keyword on a monthly basis. If you cancel your account or fail to make your payment, the keyword becomes available for others to register after 30 days.

I want to purchase a package that contains one keyword. What if I need more than one keyword?
84444.ca allows for you to purchase additional keywords for $20 each per month.

How can I re-use a keyword for another service and/or campaign?
In the case in which you have a keyword that is currently being used for an active campaign and you want to use that keyword for a different service or campaign, you need to do the following:
First click on My Services, check the box of the campaign that contains the keyword you want to re-use.
Click the "End Service" button at the bottom of the page. Your keyword can now be used again in a new service.

How do I remove a keyword?
If you would like to remove a keyword from your account:  First, click on My Services and check the box of the campaign that contains the keyword you want to remove. Click the "End Service" button at the bottom of the page. Then, click on My Dashboard. Click on My Keywords. Find the keyword you want to remove and click Release.

Who has ownership rights to the database?
The great advantage to mobile marketing is the database that you create. You own the database and 84444.ca has no rights to the database. The database will never be re-sold or used for any purposes other than your own.

I need to keep more than one database of my users. Can 84444.ca do this?
Yes, you can maintain multiple databases for different promotions, regions, clients or any other purpose.

Do I need to put software on my computer?
No software and no download of our mobile marketing program is required. You configure your keywords through a simple website that you can access from any computer that is connected to the Internet.  You can even access your account from a smartphone or cell phone if you are on the move and need to send a text message to your database.

How many messages are sent per minute?
That’s mostly up to the carriers. 84444.ca will pass off the messages to the carrier. The carriers are companies such as Bell, Telus, and Rogers. Once the messages are delivered to the carrier, it is up to the carrier to deliver them. It is our experience that most messages are received by the recipient in a matter of seconds.  Usually, when a delay occurs, it is not 84444.ca that is the source of the delay, but heavy traffic in a particular region at the carrier level.

Is there a start-up cost or monthly cost for 84444.ca?
There are absolutely no start-up costs for 84444.ca. Check out the 84444.ca pricing page for the packages available.

I am new to this and don’t know what size package to buy. What if I need more text messages?
If you exceed your allotted text messages and are paying by credit card or PayPal, 84444.ca will continue to run your promotion through an overage package. If you are paying by some other means, we will bill you accordingly for the overage. Overage texts are charged in buckets of 500 messages per month for $25.00 each.

What if I don’t use all of the text messages?
Text messages acquired in your overage-package are carried for up to 12 months, although text messages in your original package do not carry over from one month to the next.  You can, however, upgrade or downgrade your package at any time. Upgrades take effect immediately; downgrades are effective on your next anniversary date.

Does 84444.ca work off of a calendar month?
No, 84444.ca works off of your anniversary date, or the date that you signed up first. So, the date that you started the account will be your anniversary and renewal date each month thereafter.

What if I just want to run a one-time, 2 month long campaign?
With 84444.ca, you sign up on a month to month basis. There are no contracts and you can cancel at anytime.

How do I cancel the service when the promotion is over?
Simply email 84444.ca and we’ll cancel the program on your next anniversary date, assuming at least 3 business days prior notice.

What is an “opt-in?”
It is required that you have some form of discernable opt-in from the members of your database. The opt-in process confirms that you are not sending SPAM to cell phones. Concult the MMA Guidelines for further details.

How do I create the opt-in database?
Most marketers use an interactive text message program to create an opt-in database. Other times, there may be a registration process via your web site or at your location. It is important that if you use a registration process other than an interactive text message that you maintain the necessary documentation to validate the opt-in. The opt-in process is actually what makes mobile marketing so effective. It means that a consumer has elected to receive your messages and promotions.

How can I upload, or enter mobile phone numbers to one of my marketing lists?
Subscribers can be added to your list by sending a text message to your keyword, or they can manually enter their information right on your website by typing in their phone number or by uploading an excel spreadsheet or CSV document. New accounts must receive permission to ensure the legitimacy of your opt-in process before being able to upload the broadcast list. If you wish to open a new account, please contact us at 416-800-2490 or sales@advancedtele.com.

Can I just buy a list of phone numbers that permit text message advertisements?
No, just because somebody has chosen to opt-in to receive text messages from one organization does not mean that another organization can send messages to them. If you are buying a list from a third party source, you are taking a big risk. If 84444.ca finds out that you are using a list of cell phone numbers that have not opted-in to your specific promotion, your account and program will immediately be terminated without refund.

Will it cost the recipient to receive my text message?
It probably will not cost them anything. The vast majority of people who will opt-in to receive your text messages will have some kind of a text message plan with their carriers. While the receipt of your text message will count towards their total messages permitted with their carrier, it is unlikely that there will be a cost to the consumer unless the consumer has exceeded his/her monthly message limits. Recently, there’s been a lot of publicity about the cost to receive a text message, but this only applies to those people who don’t have a text message bucket plan of some kind and this is a very small minority today. Nevertheless, it’s important that you have a legitimate opt-in from your recipients; they could get quite upset if they are hit with a 25 cent per text message fee from their carrier just to receive promotional text messages from you.

How long can a text message be?
136 characters is the limit per text message for all carriers in Canada. You can choose to send a text message that is greater than 136 characters in length, but such a message will need to be continued on a second text message.  84444.ca believes strongly that all messages should be one text message in length.

How can I confirm that a text message was received?
Unfortunately, the carriers do not provide reporting on the receipt of text messages. While we can confirm that a text message was handed off to the carrier, we cannot confirm that each text message was actually received on the consumer's mobile device.

A member of my database did not receive the text message. Why not?
The most common reason that a text message was not received is that the recipient’s cell phone was turned off at the time that the carrier sent the message. It is also possible that the recipient was outside of an area where the carrier service was available. Finally, it is possible that the member has service with a carrier that does not participate in the short code business.

What carriers does 84444.ca work with?
For traditional HTTP-sent text messages, 84444.ca works with the following carriers: Videotron, Rogers, Telebec, NorthernTel, Alltel, Virgin Mobile, Bell, Wind, MTS, Aliant, and Dobson.

If a carrier is not listed here, does that mean that we can’t include them on our database?
If a carrier is not included here, it’s probably because they are a third-tier carrier that does not participate in the short code system. If the carrier works with short codes, you can bet that 84444.ca will support them on our system.

How can a consumer opt-out of the service?
It is required by law that we remove users from the database when they choose to opt-out. A recipient can opt-out by sending a return text message with the word STOP in the text.  84444.ca recommends that you remind your opt-in database of the opt-out ability about once per month.  In fact, we offer a handy check box on the broadcast technology that enables you to send the opt-out message if you decide to include it in your message.

How can a consumer opt-in again once they've opted out?
A consumer can simply send your keyword to 84444 once again and their opt-out will be removed.  They can then take full advantage of the service again.

Some other bulk SMS services say that I need to know the carrier of each of the cell phone numbers in the database. Is this true?
No, the cell phone carrier is not required to be provided with 84444.ca. If it’s an interactive text message program, 84444.ca recognizes the carrier when the consumer first participates. If it’s a broadcast text message program, 84444.ca does a database inquiry service on a large national cell phone database prior to sending the first text message to them.  That way, we know what the carrier is and what protocol we should use to send the message. Unlike some other providers, we do not charge anything additional for this database inquiry service.

Can 84444.ca send messages internationally?
84444.ca can send text message delivery only in Canada. If you wish to offer text message marketing in the United States, please visit 84444.com. We do have offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Czech Republic that can serve you if you desire to use mobile marketing in those countries.

What if I send a broadcast text message and somebody hits “reply” and sends a message back to us?
On rare occasions, this can occur. Keep in mind that 84444 is a shared short code so if somebody replies to a broadcast text message, we may not know which customer the reply is intended for. The way to solve this is to say “do not reply to this message” in your broadcast message.

If you do want to receive replies back from those you send broadcast messages to, this can be accommodated. The consumer’s reply message, however, must begin with your specific keyword and then the message sent. This will enable 84444.ca to know that this reply message was intended for you. You will then be able to read these messages on the web site.

We do review all incoming messages that do not have a keyword proceeding them.  If we can ascertain from the message content that the message is intended for you, we will send you an email with the message included.

What reporting data will I receive from 84444.ca?
84444.ca’s online reporting system includes the following data: date; time; cell phone number; carrier; message received; correct or incorrect answer; any additional information sent by the consumer.

How quickly can I get started with 84444.ca?
You can open a free trial account immediately. Upon receipt of payment, you can get started. If you use a credit card or PayPal, the approval online is immediate.

Can I try before I buy?
Yes, we offer a free trial account that lets you use all of the features of 84444.ca. This free account includes 10 messages and 1 keyword for 30 days. Additional credits can be purchased on the Get Started page if needed.

What if I want to pay other than credit card or PayPal?
84444.ca can provide traditional email invoice methods on special request.  You can then make payment by check or wire to our Royal Bank of Canada account.

I am an advertising agency and wish to be a reseller of 84444.ca. Can you accommodate this?
84444.ca was established so that it can create a private label site for users with multiple customers. There is an additional initial investment of $1500 for a private label site plus $250 per month.  Private Label site operators receive 40% of the gross sales they produce.

Does 84444.ca have an affiliate program?
Yes, you can become an affiliate of 84444.ca and receive a commission for any sales that you make. Our mobile marketing affiliate program is one of the best ways to add additional revenue to your bottom line. You can Sign Up for the 84444.ca affiliate program at ShareASale.

Where can I get an app made for my company?
You came to the right place.  Advanced Telecom Services can produce mobile apps for all of the major cell phone systems.

Who is the owner of 84444.ca?
84444.ca is co-owned by Advanced Telecom Services and Advanced Mobile Solutions.

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