Win Opt-in’s with Sweepstakes Marketing

Text to win sweepstakes is the most popular use of mobile marketing technology utilized to create an opt-in database.

One of the reasons that the return on investment (ROI) with mobile marketing is so high is that all recipients of promotional text messages must be opt-in recipients. This creates a marketplace where your messages are wanted and desired by recipients. Compare this to email and you’ll soon see why text message marketing is so effective.

Obtaining an opt-in database may appear daunting at first, but it really doesn’t need to be. It is actually quite easy to establish a large opt-in database with a sweepstakes or contest that utilizes text messaging.

The first thing brands need to do when they get involved with mobile marketing is to create a database. Once that database is created, then the brand can reach out to the participants since the brand now has an existing relationship with the participants. This is known as the all important opt-in in mobile marketing.

By far, the best way to create a bonafide opt-in database is to offer a text to win sweepstakes (also known as a “competition” in the United Kingdom). Everybody likes to get something for free so if your offer is compelling, you will get the entries. What you get in return is a very valuable database indeed. The opt-in database that you have created can help to sell more products and services.